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I am extremely lucky to own a very large woodland/wildlife garden which produces thousands upon thousands of seedlings every year.I have to be ruthless and clear many areas each spring to keep my garden productive and looking naturally good.I'm afraid I just cannot get myself to destroy or throw any of these seedlings or bulbs away! as it seems such a shame.I pot them all up and give many away to family/friends and sell some on etc

 I propagate anything and everything I can get my hands on by the bucket load...I just can't stop!!! Everything is organic and grows naturally in my woodland garden which is a mecca for wildlife, I don't and won't sell any plants which haven't taken root in their pots, the only exception being Pulmonaria/lungwort, Comfrey, Wild garlic etc which is better freshly dug.It is all grown hard as they say with no heat and is left outside or grown in unheated greenhouses.

I use  tough re-cycled materials for packing my plants and pride myself on giving a 1st class service, packing well and dispatching within 3 to 7 days. 

Gardening is my passion and I absolutely love it! I spend most, if not all my time in it! come rain or shine.

Please keep an eye on my listings if you like the look of my plants, as I add new stuff all the time throughout the seasons.

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